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Recent Flash Films

IHG Foundation Film
IHG - Vignette Collection
New Life Farm, Hong Kong
IHG - voco Sustainability Film
Interstate - Distance 
World Nuclear Association - NFP
Dawnus International, Liberia
Interstate- Right There With You
InterContinental Hotel Group Walk Challenge  
Interstate - In our nature 
Interstate - Stargazing 
Holiday Inn Express - The New Look
Typhoon Haiyan, Tacloban 
Nuclear Energy Agency
Justerini & Brooks - Buying wine
IHG Business School
Emerging Payment Awards
The United Way, Atlanta 
Unearthed Trailer
The Hotel Takeover
The Present Finder
University College London
Creme Egg - Badvert
Helping Refugees in Germany
Veterans Norfolk
Coming Home - A Soldiers Tale
American Red Cross - Wildfires Tennessee
Street Child of Sierra Leone
The New Vintage 
Cellarers - For the private wine collector
The Passage- Homeless in London
Toothpaste - Badvert
Life on the dumps in Bali
Justerini & Brooks - Buying Bordeaux
The 1535 Society - Tower of London
The Arthur Lucas Cup
Centrus West Africa Cycle Challenge

All photographs are copyright Flash Focus© 2018. Any use of these films without the permission from Flash Focus will result in prosecution.

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