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Flash Films

IHG Foundation Film
voco Brand Film
The Purposeful Leader
voco Recruitment Film
Holiday Inn Brand Film
InterContinental Evolution
IHG, Shaping Brilliance, Lyon
IHG - Vignette Collection
New Life Farm, Hong Kong
voco Sustainability Film
Interstate - Distance 
World Nuclear Association - NFP
Dawnus International, Liberia
Interstate- Right There With You
InterContinental Hotel Group Walk Challenge  
Interstate - In our nature 
Interstate - Stargazing 
Holiday Inn Express - The New Look
Typhoon Haiyan, Tacloban 
Nuclear Energy Agency
Justerini & Brooks - Buying wine
IHG Business School
Emerging Payment Awards
The United Way, Atlanta 
Unearthed Trailer
The Hotel Takeover
The Present Finder
University College London
voco Host 30's Social
IHG Foundation Germany
Veterans Norfolk
The Brilliance Hive
American Red Cross - Wildfires Tennessee
Street Child of Sierra Leone
The New Vintage 
Cellarers - For the private wine collector
The Passage- Homeless in London
voco Host 30's Social
Life on the dumps in Bali
Justerini & Brooks - Buying Bordeaux
The 1535 Society - Tower of London
The Arthur Lucas Cup
Centrus West Africa Cycle Challenge

All photographs and films are copyright Flash Focus© 2023. Any use of these films without the permission from

Flash Focus will result in prosecution.

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