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Flash Bio

Flash Focus is a film, photography and design company working extensively in the UK, Europe, Africa and the US.


We shoot documentaries, shorts, corporates, trailers and adverts through to events and creative films. We also work closely with PR companies as their media partner. Our services include producing, writing, filming, editing and photography. 


With in-house composers and voice over artists we can design and create whatever film the client desires, designed and tailored to their specific needs.

​Working closely with award-winning animators we can provide animation and graphic design to the highest spec.

Equipped with the latest software and technology and a dedicated team, hand picked for each project, we make sure that you, the client, get the film, shots and design you want.

Clients include: IHG, ITV, Justerini & Brooks, Britvic, We Are Family ( Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat & Sport England), Bic, Luk Oil, Dawnus International, African Minerals, Victoria Gas and Oil, We are Woofy, Gx, Historic Royal Palaces, Centrus, Moody's Analytics, Oasis, Karen Millen, Coast, Street Child of Sierra Leone... 

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